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Reality Strikes


Sometimes reality can hit us like a ton of bricks, when we least expect it. And sometimes it’s force can strike so hard, that it even sets us back. Understanding other people’s pain is something we as humans will never have the ability to do. Just because there is always someone else out there suffering more than us, does not mean we should disregard our own struggles by any means. However, it should really make us sensitive to the fact that we shouldn’t push our own problems on people all the time. We never know what that other person is going through.

Yesterday I received news that an old friend of mine from high school passed away. He was one of the sweetest people I have ever encountered in my life. So genuine and humble, he really was. But he was also one of the saddest people I knew. He was never able to conquer his own demons. And they got the best of him. Perhaps he is in a better place now, free from pain. I hope so at least.

As I get older I hear many more shocking stories that I don’t want to accept. The harshness of reality is not something I am ready to take on. The world can truly be an ugly place’ compiled of many ugly people trying desperately to make the most of it, put on a mask and appear beautiful.


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In My Soul


You never called yourself by your real name.

Nobody else did either because they were afraid,

because the real you was a monster.

Your nicknames would make you feel invincible,

but you were far from that.

We felt you in our bones,

our flesh,

our bloodstreams,

anywhere we could feel, you were there to haunt us.

You wrote me words to tell me you loved me-

they made me feel warm, I felt special,

like I was the tallest woman on earth.

Those were not words of compassion-

those were words of ownership, they were blasphemous;

they were like your many nicknames.

My body was not my own.

You would tell me things like:

Don’t wear that color makeup,

it makes you look like a slut.

Don’t show your skin, nobody else can see that but me.

What would my punishment be this time for breaking the rules-

Would you yell at me until I felt so helpless I would sob?

Would you squeeze my wrists so hard when I would try to escape you,

so my wrists would turn blue?

Would you breathe the smell of whiskey into my mouth and tell me to just do it?

I used to love the many, beautiful scents of candles.

I would fill my room with them,

sometimes light them when you’d come over.

I thought they may impress you

and maybe you could love them as much as I did.

But now I pick them up and imagine you chucking it’s glass at me,

all because I tried to comfort you.

When other men touch me I quiver,

because I remember you touching me

and it hurts.

Since then I cannot feel real trust

and it’s taken me years to love myself,

because for years I was blinded by fake love

and thought I was a princess, but really

I was a slave.

My body was not my own.

Censoring Reality


“Should the FCC continue to regulate media as it has been?” 

I feel as though this question is one furthest from having a black or white answer. It has been taking over much of the leftover space in my brain the past few days, as I find myself going back and forth about whether or not I agree with how the government has been tampering with our access to what should be touchable material to everyone. I have narrowed my argument down to the fact that we all technically own the airwaves that surround us. So I presume we are all entitled to a piece of that cake.

I understand that a large issue behind all of this is the protection of our children, I get it. There is a deep-seeded fear that exposure to the wrong media could corrupt our youth. There are many beliefs that violent video games could encourage a child to bring a gun to school or simulate what they witness in their fictional adventures. Or access to a Facebook account could encourage a young girl to want to flaunt her body to the public for attention. Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I want to see is corrupted minds of the youth who will build our future (and pay my retirement!) I would love to have confidence in the mental stability of the generations to come, and certainly would like to see little to no crime taking place in our country, and the whole world for that matter.

However, I do not feel as though the media is creating these kinds of people. These types of people have existed since the beginning of time, before media could ever have been imagined. The biological mental instability of the Columbine shooters should not be the reason we assume that the music one listens to or the video games one plays could be responsible for making one a cold-blooded murderer. We should not assume that just because a child has a social networking site of some kind they will release provocative images of themselves for the world to see.

I feel it comes down to parents being able to instill morals into their children, to teach them how to react to the kinds of REAL LIFE matters that the media has to release. Because that is what it comes down to, real life material. We will either learn it through the media or see it happen in real life, either way it is going to happen and we are bound to find out about it. It is not in society’s best interest to be sheltered from real life happenings, who does that benefit? We see it in politics, daily news, movies, television, radio tunes, etc.. the list goes on and on. At the rate we are going we will all soon be taught to live as robots, being told exactly what we can and cannot learn.

It really irks me because I am truly feeling like there has been a major disregard for our First Amendment rights. Remember, that whole freedom of expression without government interference thing? Yeah, me either. Our Country has been working towards one big, ultimate goal for hundreds of years; to achieve universal freedom. Censoring our media is taking away a freedom to access public information that should be available to all.

All I want is raw, accurate information that I can feed my brain which I do not have to question the legitimacy of. I want to read about what is really happening in the world, watch a television show in which I am allowed to hear every word they say, and be able to play simulated games that depict real life events. It’s not too much to ask for.