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Daily Prompt – Birthday


You’re 12 years old. It’s your birthday. Write for ten minutes on that memory. GO.

Coincidentally enough, today is my birthday. What better day than today to reminisce on a previous birthday experience.

Today I am turning 12: Finally my parents are giving me new responsibilities and I’m kind of starting to feel like a real grown up. All I have wanted all year is a laptop of my own just like my big brothers. After all, isn’t it fair that we are all given the same things? I’m 12, I think I deserve the world…

I wake up and can’t even make it until the end of the day to open my present from my parents because I know exactly what it is! I convince them to let me open it immediately. My eyes have never fallen in love so quickly with anything before. It’s a beautiful, shiny, blemish-free, Acer laptop. A bit big (17”) but who cares, it’s a computer of my own. I run to my room and begin exploring the alternative world of the… INTERNET! I think I must have visited every single website known to man in a matter of two hours. When all of a sudden…. It stops working? What has just happened to me? What Gods from above are out to get me today?

I run down to my father to complain about my defective machine that he had just given to me. Of course the real problem is that the computer had a virus, which was probably my own fault for being reckless. I did not admit to it though. I continued to blame the product for being defective. Being the bratty 12 year old I was, (and probably still am) I demanded they return it right away and get me one that worked. This was back when Comp USA was still around, so my determined parents drove almost an hour down to the store to demand I receive a functioning computer.

I am home waiting eagerly with my brother, praying their return is quick so I can pick up where I left off exploring the cosmos of the inter-web. Hours pass and still I have not heard from them. Until all of a sudden everything begins to move at warp speed and every thought of my laptop has been pushed to the back of my mind. My father races through our front door to grab something for my mother and tells us there has been an emergency. He tells my brother to keep an eye on myself and the house while he goes to the hospital with my mum, but does not tell us anymore. We look out our front window and my mom is in the drivers seat of her car with firefighters and EMTs pulling her out because she was in so much pain she could not move.

We finally hear from my parents hours later to let us know my mum is doing well and she was recovering from a very severe gallbladder attack. They profusely apologized for ruining my birthday, which never even crossed my mind. My brother and I quietly celebrated ourselves that night, with my new computer.


Censoring Reality


“Should the FCC continue to regulate media as it has been?” 

I feel as though this question is one furthest from having a black or white answer. It has been taking over much of the leftover space in my brain the past few days, as I find myself going back and forth about whether or not I agree with how the government has been tampering with our access to what should be touchable material to everyone. I have narrowed my argument down to the fact that we all technically own the airwaves that surround us. So I presume we are all entitled to a piece of that cake.

I understand that a large issue behind all of this is the protection of our children, I get it. There is a deep-seeded fear that exposure to the wrong media could corrupt our youth. There are many beliefs that violent video games could encourage a child to bring a gun to school or simulate what they witness in their fictional adventures. Or access to a Facebook account could encourage a young girl to want to flaunt her body to the public for attention. Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I want to see is corrupted minds of the youth who will build our future (and pay my retirement!) I would love to have confidence in the mental stability of the generations to come, and certainly would like to see little to no crime taking place in our country, and the whole world for that matter.

However, I do not feel as though the media is creating these kinds of people. These types of people have existed since the beginning of time, before media could ever have been imagined. The biological mental instability of the Columbine shooters should not be the reason we assume that the music one listens to or the video games one plays could be responsible for making one a cold-blooded murderer. We should not assume that just because a child has a social networking site of some kind they will release provocative images of themselves for the world to see.

I feel it comes down to parents being able to instill morals into their children, to teach them how to react to the kinds of REAL LIFE matters that the media has to release. Because that is what it comes down to, real life material. We will either learn it through the media or see it happen in real life, either way it is going to happen and we are bound to find out about it. It is not in society’s best interest to be sheltered from real life happenings, who does that benefit? We see it in politics, daily news, movies, television, radio tunes, etc.. the list goes on and on. At the rate we are going we will all soon be taught to live as robots, being told exactly what we can and cannot learn.

It really irks me because I am truly feeling like there has been a major disregard for our First Amendment rights. Remember, that whole freedom of expression without government interference thing? Yeah, me either. Our Country has been working towards one big, ultimate goal for hundreds of years; to achieve universal freedom. Censoring our media is taking away a freedom to access public information that should be available to all.

All I want is raw, accurate information that I can feed my brain which I do not have to question the legitimacy of. I want to read about what is really happening in the world, watch a television show in which I am allowed to hear every word they say, and be able to play simulated games that depict real life events. It’s not too much to ask for.