Let’s Learn About Ourselves


*If you could become two people right now, what are the first two things you’d want to do?
1) Have sex with myself.
2) Have sex with myself again.

*Who writes the best song lyrics? I’d like to think I am the superior lyricist. 

*What one thing can’t you seem to scratch off your to-do list? Jumping out of a plane.

*Would you rather be a food critic, a book critic, or a film critic? I think that even if I was forced to do just one, I’d manage to do all three. So all three.

*Share what you know about the year you were born. I think me being born is enough history.

*What makes you smile like nothing else can? Sex.

*Name a documentary that you think everyone should see. Sick.

*Do you believe in luck? Maybe it exists. However, rarely to myself.

*Describe what you’d do with an extra four hours today. Probably waste a couple more hours doing everything I shouldn’t. 

*What decade or era do you find particularly fascinating? The ones that haven’t happened yet.

*Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life? Free international travel for life, there’s hardly anything exciting to do it space.

*Name a product or company that you’d like to star in a TV commercial for. Any alcohol brand so I could hopefully get the hookups.

*What’s the longest you’d want to live without internet access? If I’m being given the option, none. But thats not to say it wouldn’t be doable.

*List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter. Writer, Vet Tech, Copywriter

*What type of art do you appreciate most? I’d have to say music.

*Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far. That sounds quite tedious.

*Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving? It’d be neat to be attached to a bungee while skydiving, I don’t know.

*Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device? Paper. For some reason I feel much more accomplished that way.

*Name one thing you wish you could go back and change about your education. I would have chosen the right place, first.

*What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you as a result of procrastinating? Not finishing any-



Change is Good.


I’ve been hearing a lot about change lately.

With first semester of school ending, people are reevaluating their paths in life; trying to figure out where exactly it is they would like to be and faced with many life changing decisions. It’s a difficult time for people undergoing these kinds of obstacles. Money isn’t easy to come by for many right now, of all ages. Education costs are skyrocketing, and there’s a pressure on students to fulfill a complete education more than ever before.

My experience with it all so far has been interesting. My perspective about college has not changed much since the day I was forced to decide which school I would be attending. I opted to live on campus, figuring that if I were about to invest my all into this new adventure, I may as well take full advantage.

While spending the time and money to live in Salem I came to realize that I did not need to spend thousands of dollars to achieve the education I am seeking. I will be the first to admit that much of my hesitation stemmed from worrying about how the loved ones in my life would take it. A part of me feared they would not be accepting of my recent decisions and that I may potentially be looked down on. I had to come to terms with the simple fact that this is my life and ultimately I am the only person who I have to keep an eye out for. Now I am taking some time for myself to build a new plan of attack on my future, looking into alternative options. I will put my ducks in a bit of a different row and build my own course to get where I need to be.

It is extremely important for people to understand that there are many more opportunities than just the conventional college path. I have spoken with some really great, successful people lately who have inspired me and opened my eyes to the many more options this amazing world has to offer to young, ambitious people.

What I have to constantly remind myself is that the conflict I am currently facing with attempting to straighten myself out is only a fraction of the struggle that people far beyond my point are faced to contend with. It makes us far stronger individuals to be able to overcome our personal hurdles.

I recently read a very inspirational blog about bettering the quality of your life, which you can view here. I feel as though this blog validates many people’s fears, whether adolescent or aged. We all battle this internal struggle of fearing how others may view us. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we all have a conscious or subconscious desire to please. The truth is that there are 7 billion other people we share this earth with; to stop and wonder how each of these people are going to view us is absolutely absurd. What is even crazier is the fact that a great deal of the people we encounter in our day-to-day life are people we will never even come across again.

We cannot sit here, in the year 2014, and assume that every person of significance in our lives today will remain with us until the day that we leave this world. What we can do however, is work every day to better ourselves, embrace the change that comes at us, and live our lives to better ourselves, first.

If an opportunity arises that allows you to do something you have never done before, do it.
If you are not satisfied with the path you are wandering down, change it.
If you meet somebody who affects your life for the better, become closer to them.
If you find yourself feeling negative, remember the thousands of great things this world has to offer to us.
If you are caught up in a monotonous routine, spice it up. We are not on this planet forever.

Everyday Feels


We often get caught up in the heat of the moment,
when our feelings are raging and our thoughts are unclear.
We begin to believe we are battling our opponent,
when suddenly it is only the end that seems near.
I love you with all of my heart,
but we are much too alike.
I thought we were just getting to the best part,
when you were over telling me to take a hike.
To control these feelings is quite the struggle,
It’s like telling the ocean to stay steady.
I will bite my tongue this time and see what you have to juggle,
allowing you to come to me only when you are ready.

Christmas in the Big Apple


You know how everyone always refers to people who travel to NYC during this time of year as crazy? I learned exactly why this weekend and I am 100% certain that I will probably never be traveling there again during these holiday times. God bless anyone who regularly does it and enjoys to, or locals who are forced to deal with it – but it’s certainly not my cup of tea. Despite the crowds, chaos, and hundreds of reckless parents who ran us over with their baby carriages; I think I had one of the best weekends of my life.. Let me tell you why!

Months ago, this weekend excursion was planned by Dave and I based around tickets that were given to us to see the new Broadway show Betrayalstarring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall; directed by the talented and true, Mike Nichols. Even though this was our main event, we thought why not make this our holiday getaway and kill two birds with one stone.

*No birdies were killed in the making of this trip.*

So, we spent practically all day Friday commuting, slightly going insane being stuck in a car together in bumper to bumper traffic for nearly two hours longer than planned. But it was good bonding time and we had plenty of Bowie to jam to. I was also lucky enough to be given the pleasure of popping Island boy Dave’s Chipotle cherry, which we both enjoyed greatly. It all ended up working out for the best. We finally arrived to Manhattan somewhat late and we were certainly pooped, so we took it easy for the evening.

The real fun began Saturday when we were recharged and ready to head out into the city. We stayed in the heart of Times Square at the Milford Hotel. I had stayed there with sisters Spencer & AJ, plus Lillian before, but man had it changed. Dave and I both agreed that their renovations had been geared towards attracting much more of a Euro, nightlife kind of crowd. All they needed were some strobe lights in the lobby and they could have charged extra to get in. As a whole, it was a very nice and comfortable stay and we couldn’t complain otherwise.

Anyway, our show was a matinée so we grabbed a bite for breakfast and began getting ready. Not to brag, but I think we turned out to be two of the best dressed folks in the theater, we looked pretty damn good. With seats like the ones we had, there was no way we were going to get in there looking like a couple of stool samples. Our seats were almost as beautiful as the performance that was held before our eyes. The cast could not have been better and everything was so fluent and flawless. It was just the right balance of scandal, romance, and deception to keep our bottoms off our seats. It had much more of a comedic relief than the original film, but it all worked together wonderfully. I’m sure it helped that we were seeing it a while after it began showing, so whatever kinks that may have been present were certainly gone. The whole show was absolutely outstanding, would definitely recommend.

After the show we ventured away from the Times Square crowds and enjoyed a peaceful dinner at Ocha Sushi down the street. Our food was great, drinks were yummy, and the vibes were awesome. I think we may have come close to trying everything off of their menu, so our waitress was certainly grateful.

Later on in the evening we headed back out to really spend some time in Times Square. I took Dave to the Top of the Rock where the weather was warm and we were able to peacefully overlook beautiful NYC, all lit up. Of course we also “ooed” and “awed” over the beautiful christmas tree that everyone else was also going to see, and fought our way through crowds outside of the rock.

Our last day consisted of spending a few hours at the intriguing Museum of Sex, where we learned a lot of cool facts about our fellow internet users and the strange things you guys search on google, (we’re curious too, don’t worry). It was very nice to be surrounded by “taboo” art and people who are not afraid of sex and all that comes with it. It’s a shame that there are still people in this day in age who cannot find the acceptance to embrace it. It was an exceptional exhibit, and we both would gladly return on future excursions into the city.

Ah, so all good things must come to an end, we know this. We left New York satisfied and pleased with all we were fortunate enough to have been able to do, and a bit saddened that we were headed back to reality. Though we won’t be together for the holidays, we will each spend the next week surrounded by family we adore, delicious food, and good times. Next week we will be picking up our new puppy, Gypsy, and be welcoming her into our lives.


~Happy Holidays to all.~

Wonton Soup for Two


Now I know this is not a foodie’s blog or anything, but it is a blog for everyday endeavors, so I’m going to take a few moments to rant about some of the delicious cooking Dave and I accomplished during our time off last week. Plus I suppose I’m giving my horn a bit of a tootin’ because six months ago I would have set fire to an entire neighborhood if I were alone with a stove – so I sure am improving! We’ve been trying to cook a few new things every time we are together. It’s cheaper, healthier, and more fun than going out for every meal. Plus it’s a great way for us to creatively spend time together!


We were most proud of our Wonton Soup child. Both of us have had our fair share of microwaved Wonton soup from restaurants, but never had we eaten one that came out as natural and flavorful as the one we mustered up. We very loosely followed the recipe that can be found here. I think our modifications made it all the more better. Keep reading, I’ll fill you in!

Just a side note, we had enough ingredients to feed a family of five.. a few times.. so I’ll limit this recipe to two servings.

Things you may want to have- A delicious cocktail, an enthusiastic cooking partner and a positive attitude.

Things you will need- For Wonton Filling:

1 Raw Pork Breast

1/2 Green onion, chopped

1/4 Teaspoon of Ginger

1/4 Teaspoon of Sugar

1/4 Teaspoon of Paprika

1/2 Teaspoon of Soy Sauce

1/2 Teaspoon of Chinese Rice Wine

Package of Wonton Wrappers (Will not fill all)

For Broth:

2 Cups of Chicken Broth

1/4 Green Onion, diced

Dash of Salt & Pepper

  • Chop up pork into small pieces and add them to a medium sized mixing bowl. Then add all contents for wonton filling: onion, ginger, sugar, paprika, soy sauce and rice wine.
  • Cover bowl and set aside to marinate for 1/2 hour. Refrigeration will allow contents to chill, making it easier to wrap in the wonton later, but that’s optional.
  • While contents are marinating, add broth to a pot and let it begin to simmer on low. Be sure to add the additional onions, salt and pepper for more flavor.



Once your contents have marinated enough, you can begin to fill the wontons. There may be some liquid from the wine and soy in the bowl so a trick to an easier wrapping process is to avoid filling your wontons with any of that liquid. The more solid the meat, the easier the wrap will stay together.


Have a small cup of water nearby, you will be using it to seal the wrap.


Moisten fingers and go around all four corners of the wrap. Pull one side over so it is in the shape of a triangle and dab some more water around the edges to tightly seal the wrap. Be sure to press gently around where the inside contents are to relieve any air bubbles inside of the wrap.


Then take the left and right corner and fold them into the middle so they are hugging each other. Again, moisten the tips to ensure the wrap is tightly sealed.


Once you have finished wrapping all of the wontons you will be using, you are going to steam them. Fill a pan about half full with water and let it boil. Place a steamer above the pan once the water has come to a boil. Be sure to spray the inside of your steamer with anti-stick spray and then you can begin placing your wontons inside. Let steam for about six minutes. At this time you should turn your broth up to medium/high. We also steamed a couple of pieces of broccoli to include.


Once your wontons are done place them in bowls for serving. Season with pepper and add the broth to each bowl. Enjoy.

In My Soul


You never called yourself by your real name.

Nobody else did either because they were afraid,

because the real you was a monster.

Your nicknames would make you feel invincible,

but you were far from that.

We felt you in our bones,

our flesh,

our bloodstreams,

anywhere we could feel, you were there to haunt us.

You wrote me words to tell me you loved me-

they made me feel warm, I felt special,

like I was the tallest woman on earth.

Those were not words of compassion-

those were words of ownership, they were blasphemous;

they were like your many nicknames.

My body was not my own.

You would tell me things like:

Don’t wear that color makeup,

it makes you look like a slut.

Don’t show your skin, nobody else can see that but me.

What would my punishment be this time for breaking the rules-

Would you yell at me until I felt so helpless I would sob?

Would you squeeze my wrists so hard when I would try to escape you,

so my wrists would turn blue?

Would you breathe the smell of whiskey into my mouth and tell me to just do it?

I used to love the many, beautiful scents of candles.

I would fill my room with them,

sometimes light them when you’d come over.

I thought they may impress you

and maybe you could love them as much as I did.

But now I pick them up and imagine you chucking it’s glass at me,

all because I tried to comfort you.

When other men touch me I quiver,

because I remember you touching me

and it hurts.

Since then I cannot feel real trust

and it’s taken me years to love myself,

because for years I was blinded by fake love

and thought I was a princess, but really

I was a slave.

My body was not my own.



I heard the scratching sound of the pin hit the record;

your voice began to fade and all that was filling my ears were the smooth sounds of acoustics and melodies dancing through the wind.

The air blowing in through the window, gently shaking your mother’s old, worn down curtains that should’ve been taken down years ago.

You never did say why you had to leave, all you said was that you wouldn’t be coming back.

Now I’m alone here with these tunes and the smells of crisp autumn air blowing into my face, caressing my long hair.

You know how much I love this season.

I gaze out that window and I imagine myself running through the tall blades of grass, you chasing behind me.

We’d run so fast that we’d stumble and trip over little bits of rocks underneath the tall, untrimmed grass.

I’d cry and you’d pick me up and tell me to keep going,

because we were fighters;

fighters with passion and imagination,

that could get us anywhere we needed to go.

Maybe that’s what drove you to get where you’re going now.

Even if I never see you again, I will always be there to pick you up and tell you to keep going.

While you are off fulfilling your dreams,

witnessing firsthand what this scary world has to offer,

I will be here, with our record player;

savoring the crisp autumn smells,

because it’s only temporary after all.

I’ll enjoy the tall grasses and early sunsets with you-

in my heart.