Who knows


As I move from new location to new location I find myself meeting many new people of all different sorts. I’ve seen so many new faces this past year that my head could explode. I remember the names of some of the important ones. I pick out their quirks and admire their good qualities that set them apart from others.

And I suppose others observe me in the same way. I’ve been asked a lot lately by people I don’t know too well to tell them about myself. What do you like to do for fun? What is Paige about? What makes you, you?

I find myself dumbfounded whenever asked these questions. I guess I could tell them the truth and that I really enjoy stuffing my face with unhealthy food, abusing my brain and body with chemicals, sleeping, and doing absolutely nothing… But why would that seem appealing to anyone? So instead I tell them “I’m not quite sure yet”. Because excluding the things I just mentioned, I really don’t know what I am about anymore. It seems the more I relocate, the more of me is left behind in the previous place. It’s hard to understand current Paige. Is this normal?

I don’t have a deep-seeded passion for much, I’m not especially talented at anything, I don’t really have a hobby. So really, what AM I about? How do I figure out WHAT I am about, and what my strengths are? I feel as though I am at a very long stand-still. And I’m kind of itching to get out of it.


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